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24 AugThe Famous Bodnant Gardens of North Wales

The gardens at Bodnant are situated to the north of Wales within the United Kingdom, close to the national park of Snowdonia. These beautiful gardens were created back in 1875 and have been managed by the Bodant family up to the present day. Its’ now famous gardens boast a stunning collection of Azaleas and Rhododendrons that are surrounded by an incredible collection of both rare and strange plants that have been collected through sponsored expeditions by the (8)

Now at the helm is Michael McLaren the second son of the third Baron who sadly passed away back in 2003. As a barrister by profession he resides at the house at Bodant, and also manages the gardens on behalf of the National Trust. Although the garden has many areas, there are two prominent sections. Over recent years Bodant Gardens has been renovated by Mr McLaren, his head gardener and twenty one gardening staff working full time.

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18 AugDog drinks water from Idaho pond and dies

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BOISE– Tuesday, a hiker was out with their dog walking in the Boise foothills, when they stopped so their dog could drink some water from a nearby spring.

“It was literally seconds later that the dog reacted,” said Mike Journee with the City of Boise.

Apparently, soon after the dog drank the water, it collapsed and died.

The duo was recreating in the Hulls Gulch area, behind Camel’s Back Park.

“The initial inspection of the ponds show no indication of any algae bloom or anything that would cause a situation like that to happen so quickly,” said Journee.

Once the city officials were notified, the Public Works Department set out to get water samples of various water sources in the area.

Kate Harris with the Public Works Department helped to collect those samples and tells KTVB that certain things were sampled for such as cyanide, E. Coli and other bacteria.

She says that her visual inspection showed no blue algae, or any other kinds of harmful algae in the water.635746544304868465-pomd

“There is plenty of wildlife, fish, frogs, clear water,” said Journee. “Typically in a situation like that where there is algae bloom, where the toxin might be naturally occurring, the water has a very particular look. It might look like pea soup.”

In the meantime, the City of Boise is taking precautions to ensure that hikers and their pets stay safe.

No trespassing signs were posted in the area, encouraging people to stay away from the nearby ponds and streams until the matter is resolved.

“We just want to make sure that everyone is aware of that,” said Journee. “They take proper precautions when they are walking their dogs in the foothills, especially in the Hulls Gulch area.”

Journee suggests bringing along water for your dog so that they don’t feel compelled to drink from another source of water.

The matter was also mentioned via the Boise Foothills Trails Conditions Facebook page, where it was shared over 800 times.

Journee pointed out that there is no clear indication of how the dog died yet.

“From what I understand a necropsy was not done on the dog,” he said. “So I don’t know that we are going to have any answers about that particular dog. All we can do is look at the environment and make sure there is nothing there that is an obvious threat to pets and people.”

According to Public Works, the test results should be back in a week or so.

KTVB was also told there is no blue algae in the area. That is another deadly kind of bacteria found in water.

Those with the Department of Environmental Quality say there has only been one case of blue algae in the state so far this year and that was in Twin Falls at Salmon Falls Reservoir. No one was sickened.

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13 AugAbout Water Ponds

In my opinion, water is the most important design component to a garden. By adding a water element, whether it be a fountain, in-ground pond, or wall-mount water feature, wildlife and sound is brought to our landscapes. Gardeners who lack some type of water in their growing area lack movement and their landscapes are still except for sounds created by (9)

We selected a free-standing fountain for our garden that spouts water into a basin from four sides and cascades out the top. The fountain is about six feet tall and six feet in diameter. The fountain is burrowed in trees and is positioned on crushed granite. While sitting on our front porch, we can see and hear the fountain’s water splashing. When we have the window open during the night, the sound of the fountain puts us sound to sleep.

To maintain the water in the fountain and keep it as pure as possible, I put many aquatic plants into the fountain. Over half of the water’s surface was covered with some form of aquatic vegetation. Raccoons were an issue, so I bought twenty goldfish from the discount store for only five dollars to prevent this problem. Over the next three years, three of the goldfish grew to twelve to fifteen inches in length. Eventually, they were killed by an unknown predator.

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